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Sunday, 10 July 2011

What a treat!

We had a fantastic time at the Swansea Grand last night watching JOSEPH.  
Thanks Granny and Grandad for our birthday tickets.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us

We were married 19 years ago today.
July 4th 1992
I am so thankful to have married my best friend.
I am thankful that he is there for me, that he cares for me and loves me.
I am thankful for our three beautiful, healthy children.
I am thankful for the support of family and friends.

I am thankful for the knowledge that I have that our union will continue after we leave this mortal state, that we are sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple. 

This link will tell you why we build temples and why we feel blessed to be able to go there.

Three years on

This is a river trip in May 2008

Same river, different boat May 2011

My haven't they grown!!
We did all manage to get on the boat but I don't think it will happen again as the back end was submerged and Calvin and I got rather wet backsides!

No photos

It feels like so long since I blogged!! I feel like its more interesting with photos and I haven't taken any recently.  It's not that we haven't done anything here in Wales.

Gareth and Ross were in their school concert last week  (forgot the camera)  
Gareth is off to Birmingham on Wednesday to take part in a UK school orchestra competition.  He has a large part in one of the pieces as he has to play the big cymbals in "Ace is High"
Both boys are then off to Spain with the Orchestra for a tour.

Martha had a fantastic school report, topping the class for reading.  The report concluded with her fantastic teacher Mr Adams asking for a copy of her first published book.

The weather has been great and at last we have been able to fire up the bbq and have some friends over.  One family liked it so much here, they bought their caravan with them and stayed the weekend!  They discovered that our village was more than just a few houses and a garage on the main road! 

We also have another new addition to our menagerie.  Poppy the hamster joined us last week.  She is very pretty but may never be tame as we are all too scared of being bitten to pick her up. 

The chicks are growing, we have 1 cockerel and 2 hens.  The other aged hens are dropping like flies so we need this new stock.

Thats about all for now, just to say welcome to any new readers that may have found me out here in Sunny Wales.