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Friday, 25 February 2011

The end of a long story

We have a bit of a history with stair carpets, but after nearly 19 years of marriage we finally have a new one.  If you ask Calvin or me what we remember about viewing this house before we bought it, it would be the feeling we got on this landing.  The sun was pouring in through the windows and we just knew this would be our home.  The house has undergone many changes since then, not least the extension which nearly doubled it's size. But the last thing left to do was replace the stair carpet which, since the build in 2007, stopped halfway up, changed to lino and then re-started again past the new doorway.  We must have just got used to it that way but it probably looked very odd to guests!

Oh, there is just one thing left.........we need 3 new doors for the children's bedrooms
(we have the handles and hinges, we bought them in 2007)

 Maybe that will be a summer project Dad????

Hey Presto!

Gareth is happy now there are no more nails going in his feet!

Ross is bouncing on it because it is so springy!

Martha can't even remember what it looked like before!

We are really pleased with the result, its hard to tell the colour from a photo but it looks perfect.

Nearly There

Here is a halfway shot of the stairs.  these two guys arrived at about 10 this morning and left at about 2 this afternoon.  They did a fantastic job as you will see in the next blog.

The Master Baker

Gareth made his own spin on the Bakewell tart this week, it was very tasty.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bits and Pieces for the Hall

We bought new lamp shades for the hall and stairs today.  We are really looking forward to the new carpet coming on Friday.  The gloss is finished ready


Martha and I also bought this little wooden heart to put up in the hall

A day trip to Cardiff

We had lunch out in Cardiff and Ross ate a whole pizza!  he just left the healthy bits.

We went to the Millennium Stadium to watch the welsh Rugby team. It was their last training session before selection for Saturday's game against Italy.  It was something I saw advertised on the internet and it was free.  There were 6500 people there.

Embarrassed by the state of our screwdrivers on my Dad's last visit, we bought a new set in this great shop called Clas Ohlson.  it was a bit like Screwfix meets Ikea!  lots of great bargains.  The shovel is for cleaning out the hens.

We finished off the day with a 2 hour long trip to Costco to stock up the food cupboards. A long but enjoyable day.

Gareth's Cake

Gareth decided to make a cake on Sunday.  He really wanted a chocolate cake but we had no cocoa powder so he made a blue one with red icing instead!
It actually tasted delicious.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Guess Who's 11?

This little elf is 11 Today (16th february)

Happy Birthday Ryan

Work In Progress

We are busy getting the hall, stairs and landing ready for its new carpet. 

 I hate Glossing!!!!!

Gareth hates wet paint and spikey bits!!!!

Ross likes Glossing....well for a little while!

Martha Hates not being allowed down the stairs!

Calvin said we should have just painted the stairs as well!

Mum's Helper

I got a new calling on Sunday, I am now the Young Women's President in Carmarthen Branch.  I have 9 Young Women aged between 12 and 17.  Martha wants to help me so she got busy after yesterday's success with the cookies and made another batch for  my girls for a belated Valentines gift.

Happy Valentines Day

Here we all are ready to devour our valentines feast!
We all had a part to play in our special meal.  We planned it in Family Home Evening last Monday and went shopping for it on Saturday.
I decorated and set the table,
Calvin did the starter of popadoms and samosas.  Gareth chose the main course of 5 different Indian dishes with rice and naan bread.  Martha prepared the dessert of home made heart cookies and ice cream.   Ross was on the drinks so it was J2O of course!

Hope you all had a lovely day too.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hobo Fire

I have just been out to the front garden and found this bunch of Hobo people having a fire on my patio!!!
The worst part is they keep coming in to the house to get more bread to toast on the fire!

Cooking with Martha

Martha made a cake today but it was a bit like watching a cookery demonstration due to the running commentary.
She weighed, measured, mixed and even greased her own tins today.  Soon I won't need to even be in the kitchen with her. 

Best Actor Runner up!

Gareth was runner up in the Best Actor category of our Stake Youth Oscars night.  Carmarthen's entry was called "Heroes" and featured Gareth as himself and all his friends as various superheroes, villains and victims. 
We had a great night at the Swansea chapel, the youth always enjoy this event and this year we let them take the lead in planning and running the evening.  They will all make great leaders one day.

Weekend Away

Calvin and I managed to escape for the weekend on at the end of January.
Just up to North Wales for 2 nights but it was just what we needed. Lots of time to talk in the car and just enjoy being together.