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Monday, 25 March 2013


Sometimes school trips are just a day out in the world, but sometimes..........they are out of this world

Today I was fortunate enough to be present while this inspirational young man spoke to a group of junior sports ambassadors.

This is Jacob. You can read his story here.

He spoke with confidence and feeling as he described his Olympic experience.
The children listened in silence as he told them of his training and commitment
to the sport he loves.

He showed us pictures of himself with world famous Olympians.  He has fantastic memories of the opening ceremony and the matches he played.

But most of all he is an inspiration to us all of how to face our trials and challenges in life, how to get on and not give up.  He has a fantastic team around him who have helped and supported him.

I feel blessed to have met you today Jacob,

Thursday, 21 March 2013

To Bring You Joy

I was given these beautiful roses this week by my visiting teachers.  One of them had been given a similar bunch of roses and they had brought her such joy that she wanted me to feel that joy too.
Now, I have to say roses normally come into my house to die! but theses have bloomed and flourished and have brought a smile to my face each time I have passed them.  So today I wanted to capture and share their beauty, and maybe seeing them will make you smile too.