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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Flying Further Afield

Ross' flying is really taking off now (pardon the pun)

Last week he flew to Gloucester and Cardiff with his instructor.

I am still blocking out the fact that my 17 year old son actually flies a plane, in the sky, and at times on his own!!!!!!

I will have to get used to it as he will soon qualify for his Private license and then he heads off to America to build some flying hours.

Watch this space........

I wonder which license will be first, driving or flying?

All Change Again

Transfer week again and Elder Tout moved on.  Elder England is Gareth's new companion and we look forward to hearing all about him.

Garden Party

Calvin and I went away for the weekend and left Grandma and Grandad in charge.  As usual Martha and Ross had a full calendar so Grandma and Grandad became the taxi service (although to be fair Ross drove himself but he needed co-pilot)

One of the planned activities was the birthday party of a family from our Branch.  they combine their party when the weather is nice, great idea.  Martha and Grandma had the best time on the space hoppers and playing snakes and ladders and i think there was some kind of water fight!!!

Thanks for a lovely party and happy memories made.

New Friends and Big Blessings

Pictured here are Bill, Brayden and Ruthann, who came to Wales to search for some family history sites of Ruthann ancestors.  Ruthann and her grandson Brayden are members of our church and they had contacted us to let us know they were coming.  They were staying just down the road from us and we were able to meet with them and take them out looking at graves and places where her ancestors had lived and worked.We shared lunch and got to know them a little more.   It was a fascinating weekend and we were so grateful to have met them.  I asked one small favour of Ruthann and that was to mail Gareth a package when she got home, he needed new shirts (again!)

On their return they mailed the package (and some extra things which were an answer to prayers from our end!)  One of the things they sent was a copy of this picture.  They also sent us a package with photos from their trip and a lovely book and CD plus their heartfelt thanks.  We are so blessed to meet people like this who go the extra mile to lift and to serve.

Thank you.

This is the photo Ruthann took, Ross is holding the said package.

American Mother's Day and Gareth's birthday

It would be unusual to get to speak to your missionary on their birthday but as Gareth's fell on American mothers day we got to spend a little of his 19th with him.  We even had him blow out his candles!
It was a special day as both sets of Grandparents were able to be with us and talk to him.

The sounds of laughter coming from the dining room as these three joked about our parenting skills could be heard in the next village! 

They talked of a particular day when something got broken.  Quotes such as "don't play with things that aren't toys" and "That was a special gift!" could be heard as they joked that the said special gift looked like a charity shop reject!

Roseville Mission Companion 3 and Mount Shasta

Elder Williams moved on to pastures new in April.  Here he is with Elder Tout and the amazing Mount Shasta which dominates the skyline of most of his photos!

Such a contrast to Loomis but he loves it.  The scenery and the amazing hikes he gets to take on his P-Day.  Always smiling and being taken great care of.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Receiving Service

This story starts a few weeks ago here.....

Calvin was called in last minute to have his hernia operation.  After being called in by the nurses to rescue him them from his morphine induced state of delirium, I 
brought him home to recover.  Fortunately Grandma and Grandad were home from their Temple service and were able to take up the 24 hour care for the first day.  Then poor Ross who was home for a few days had to take over performing duties that he stated no 16 year old should have to do for their father!

Once I reached the Easter holidays Calvin was beginning to feel a little better and was more mobile.  We headed up to Birmingham for the NASUWT National conference.  We had a really lovely time and ate great food and watched lots of aeroplanes!!

Anyway, getting back to the point of my story.  Due to the recovery time for his operation Calvin was unable to help with all the usual Easter Holiday garden projects etc.  To our rescue came Elder Zollinger and Elder Bellen.  These two young men from Washington State and Manila, Philippines were willing to come and help us in any way they could.  We had them over for two days and were able to get many jobs done that without them would have taken me weeks!

I took them to school to move chairs and clear the garden, they helped clear our hedges, and cleared garden rubbish for our neighbour.  They washed the car, dug out a tree stump, cut wood for a vegetable bed, they even did the dishes after tea!

They smiled all day, both days and really lifted our spirits.   They made it possible for us to achieve that which we couldn't have done alone.  We miss Gareth like crazy but we know that he is out there helping people and teaching people.  We know that he, we and the people he works with are being blessed by his service. 

Missionary service brings people to a knowledge of their Saviour and allows them to lean on Him, He makes it possible for us to do things that without Him we would not be able to do. 

Flying High

Ross has begun to take solo flights to perfect his take off and landings and his next step is to work on navigation ready to fly further afield.  Just imagine he is almost old enough to drive a car too!

Moving on

Sad day leaving Loomis.

A view of the beautiful Mount Shasta in Gareth's new area

Monday, 22 February 2016

Goodbye and Hello

Gareth has changed companion this week and so we bid a fond farewell to his trainer and great friend Elder Ford.  They have had the best time together and the people of Loomis have loved them.

And say hello to Elder Lewis.  We look forward to hearing of their successes as they serve the Lord together in Loomis in the California Roseville Mission.  I am sure the people will continue to love and support them because they are doing the right thing.

It looks like its going to be great fun!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

In the Hollow of Thy Hand

It's Valentine's Day and almost 6 months since Gareth left to serve his Mission. Feeling all lovey today and just wanted to share this with anyone that wants to watch. 
I know that my Heavenly Father holds me and all those I love in the hollow of His hand.

Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Monday, 4 January 2016

Star Worker

Just before New Year Ross was rewarded for all his hard work at his new job.  His efforts were recognised by the managers and he was awarded the title of
Employee of the month and Employee of the Quarter.

Well done Ross.

Simply, Having , A Wonderful Christmas Time

Christmas Eve at President and Sister Marston's home.  We are so grateful to know that Gareth had such a wonderful Christmas season.   He was taken care of by many different members and families and new friends. 

We receive regular news letters from the Mission President and the following is an exert from his New Year Message to the Missionaries 

Traditionally New Year’s Day is a time to reflect on the past and resolve to improve in the new year.  Elder Holland has taught “every day ought to be the start of a new year and a new life.  Such is the wonder of faith and repentance and the miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”….The past is to be learned from and not lived in…..and when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead, we remember that 
faith is always pointed to the future.”

Let’s look forward to 2016 with FAITH, with PURPOSE, and with GREAT EXPECTATIONS.