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Saturday, 2 July 2016

New Friends and Big Blessings

Pictured here are Bill, Brayden and Ruthann, who came to Wales to search for some family history sites of Ruthann ancestors.  Ruthann and her grandson Brayden are members of our church and they had contacted us to let us know they were coming.  They were staying just down the road from us and we were able to meet with them and take them out looking at graves and places where her ancestors had lived and worked.We shared lunch and got to know them a little more.   It was a fascinating weekend and we were so grateful to have met them.  I asked one small favour of Ruthann and that was to mail Gareth a package when she got home, he needed new shirts (again!)

On their return they mailed the package (and some extra things which were an answer to prayers from our end!)  One of the things they sent was a copy of this picture.  They also sent us a package with photos from their trip and a lovely book and CD plus their heartfelt thanks.  We are so blessed to meet people like this who go the extra mile to lift and to serve.

Thank you.

This is the photo Ruthann took, Ross is holding the said package.

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