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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

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Here are our cute, fluffy chicks with their mum.  I decided that they would like warm, milky weetabix for lunch yesterday instead of dry flakes or chick crumb. 

Brave Soldier

Today was a first for our family.  None of the children have had any dental work done before but Ross' wobbly tooth was  really getting in his way so he insisted that the dentist pull it out for him 

This is it before, as you can see the new tooth is through and has been for some time, but the old one was hanging on in there.  It is six months at least since it started wobbling.

The dentist, Ms Bevan, was amazing.  She carried out the procedure without mentioning what she was using and without causing any panic or alarm.  ross was so calm, she spoke to him throughout, describing the sensations he was feeling and asking him for thumbs up to say he was ok.  He says he didn't feel a thing.

Here is the after picture and Ross is very relieved to be able to eat on that side once more.

Thanks Ms Bevan for a painless experience

A Sad Farewell To Someone So Loved

With much sadness in our hearts we said goodbye to Granny last friday as we held her funeral service and burial.  She was many things to many people and loved so much by all who knew her.
She was two days short of her 98th birthday and had lived a life of service.

I have so many memories which I will cherish, I share many of those memories with my brother and cousins. What has really touched me over the last few years as we have talked about our memories on various occasions is that she teated us all the same and shared the same experiences with us all. 

We remember the songs she would sing with us on long walks to keep us going.

We remember cleaning the church brasses and putting the flowers in the church.

We remember the games we would play at family parties, black magic, ring on the string, squeak piggy squeak, I pass these scissors crossed.

We remember cadbury's mini rolls in silver foil wrappers.

We remember the holiday presents she brought us back from her adventures with Auntie Mary.

We remember the village fete and all the games she used to prepare, treasure maps and egg shells and hobby horses.

We remember picking posies for our Mums.

We remember playing french cricket on the front lawn.

We remember her knocking on the bedroom wall in the morning to let us know she was ready for us to come and climb into bed for a game of cards.

There are so many memories that I am sure will be jogged as the days and weeks and years pass by.

We will remember her smiling and laughing and enjoying and appreciating all that she was blessed with.

Ruth Maria Rix 16.5.1913-14.5.2011

Remembered with love by all who knew her.