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Monday, 30 November 2015

Changes and More Thanksgiving

It was transfers this week so this was the last P-day together for these missionaries.  It made for an interesting week as they had to swap companions, drop people here and there, watch Elders leave on completion of their mission, stay over with different Elders and generally meet a whole new load of cool people.  Life sounds great this week.

Thanksgiving at President and Sister Marston's home.

A it of sight seeing in the area.  Looks warm but he says it cold.

Good news this week is that our advent package arrived safely and in time to start his parcel a day!

We too celebrated Thanksgiving here in Wales with our Elders Wall and Mortensen and Elder and Sister Galloway.  

Elder and Sister Galloway have given up 18 months of their lives to come here on their mission to our tiny Branch and help support us.  We are eternally grateful to them and couples like them all over the world who sacrifice time with children and grandchildren to serve the Lord.  We with the Galloways well as they return home now to be with their family and we look forward to welcoming Elder and Sister Brunt into our fold later this month.

Friday, 27 November 2015


Thanks to Gareth's hosts on Thursday for sending us this Thanksgiving dinner photo.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Santa's Little Helper

Martha is extremely excited about Christmas this year and so Gareth is to be the recipient of the fruits of this state of festive existence we are currently living!
This is his advent package that is winging its way to him, hope customs didn't feel the need to check it out as it is 24 individually wrapped gifts and I am not sure they would be able to get it all back in the box so beautifully.
We really hope you enjoy this Elder Williams and Elder Ford.

A Visit to the Lake

Monday is the day we hear from Gareth, but it is also his P-day (preparation day) 
Sometimes he is very busy running errands and doing chores and shopping etc. 
and sometimes he is busy just relaxing and taking a well earned rest with his fellow missionaries.

Last Monday Gareth and his district went to a part of the American fork river which is
attached to lake Folsom. It looks beautiful!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Two weeks in one!

I know that this will happen quite often but it was hard last week as Gareth had no time to write.
He really made up for it this week with a detailed day by day account of what he had been up to.
He got to go on exchanges (swaps with another Elder) to another town and help in a food bank.
He also had really good news from Elder Cook in London about someone they had taught together.
His bike is off the road at the moment so they are walking this week 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Feeling hot, hot, hot????

So this would be a very hot day for us!

But Elder Williams and Elder Ford are wearing their sweaters!!!
I guess the Autumn chill is relative to the temperature you experienced before it.
(To be fair to them the thermometer is Saturday and the Jumpers are Sunday too!)