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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thank You Sister Crandall

Last night at our Young Women activity we held a Welsh night for Sister Crandall.

First we dressed her up!

Then we attempted to teach her the National Anthem

We held a Welsh Cake bake off, which I won beating the shop bought version into 2nd place!

We called upon our trusty young Men to help us demonstrate a welsh folk dance.

We are lucky to meet in such beautiful surroundings so we went down to the river where we 
read Sister Crandall her testimony, which we had had translated into Welsh.
We then asked her to share her testimony with us.

The evening ended with lots of hugs and thank you's.

We really will miss Elder and Sister Crandall in our little Branch

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Martha (and Calvin's) Birthday

Martha recently went to a party at the creative cafe and decided that is what she wanted us all to do for her birthday. We were all a bit concerned about her choice because some of us are less creative than others but I have to say we had a lovely time.  The atmosphere in the shop was very relaxed and we all really enjoyed the experience.

Gareth and Ross decided to share and work together.  
It had its moments but they were pleased with their creation

I think Martha had already decided on her last visit that she wanted to do the Dolphin pot as she chose much quicker than the rest of us..

As you can see Calvin concentrated very hard on his New Orleans Saints, special issue, 
40th birthday t- shirt.

I chose the tea light burner and here are our pre-glazed works of art!!!

The staff at the Cafe gave Martha a little cake and we sang to her there.

And here is the candle ceremony at tea time. 
 Our missionary couple Elder and Sister Crandall popped in just in time for this
so we had extra voices for the singing 
and it may well appear on their blog also.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Here We Go

Those of you who know us well we be aware that tomorrow 
launches us into a cake filled fortnight as we all celebrate our birthdays!

For some of us this is a special year 
and you will see why as we move through the next few days.

But for now here is this year's offering for Martha's 8th Birthday.....

"Mushroom Manor"

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Generation Gap

Last week Martha and I went for a trip to visit my Mum and Dad in Norfolk.  We had a great time, I had never attempted the journey on my own before but it went well and 
Martha kept me awake with her stories.  

My Granny lives at my parents home and she and Martha had a great time together 
bridging the 90 year generation gap.

And here is a shot of four generations!