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Friday, 18 November 2011


Since my parents decided to move nearer to us we have all been spending hours trawling the
 internet for suitable properties.
We have also been praying that the right thing would turn up at the right time.

Well this appears to be the results of all that searching and all those prayers.

The feeling when I walked in through the door confirmed to me that it is right!

We just need it to go through smoothly now.

Can't wait Mum and Dad to have you just up the road again!

All Trained Out

What a week!

First I spent two days in Caerphilly for an intensive phonics training course.
Eight of us went and we came back buzzing.  We couldn't wait to get started,
we felt inspired and just wanted to pass that enthusiasm on to the children.
It was just what we needed.
We start on monday.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a parent and an occupational health professional to discuss a for pupil.  She took time to explain to us what we could do to help and how I could implement the program using the skills I have during the day to help the pupil to progress.  

Then today I spent three and a half hours solid looking at my computer screen whilst being trained on the system we use to keep track of pupils attendance and details etc.
Fascinating and useful but tiring! 

I have learned this week that I love learning!