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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

London---Day1 Part2 by Martha


Daddy surprised me with dinner at the Rainforest cafe.  We told them this trip was my birthday treat.

This is me waiting for my food, wearing my birthday sticker.

There were lots of animals around the restaurant, here I am with the gorilla.

This mask was in my activity pack.

A starry night in the cafe.

My zebra dinner plate.

My birthday candle ice cream

Daddy and me at our table.

London--Day 1 Part 1 By Martha

The Science Museum and Natural History Museum

After an early start and a long bus journey Daddy and I arrived at our hotel but our rooms weren't ready. So we went to the nearest underground and rode it to the Science Museum and Natural History Museum.

It was fun and interesting.  We joined in interactive touch screens and demonstrations.

Here I am in space this summer.

Here I am outside the Science Museum

This is me at the Natural History Museum next to a snowy seal.

The Big Blue Whale is giant!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Scrapbooking and stuff

It must be about a year since I started this blog.

One of my first post was about scrapbooking I think.  Well today I decided to finish off a few pages I had started.  I couldn't resist posting these photos of the kids in Florida last year.

I found some great photos in the attic too so I managed a few other pages and have plenty more to work on.

Martha and Calvin are in London for the weekend and when they eventually called me at 9.45 tonight they were full of stories about the adventures.  Can't wait to fill you all in on the blog next week.

Just had to show you this

This was a couple of weeks ago.  We looked after Lily and Bella for the day.
I decided cupcakes would keep us amused for an hour.
After a few mishaps at the beginning we managed to shop for the sprinkles and cases,
bake and decorate our cakes.  
Martha was a great help in helping the girls take turns to decorate.

We had a great day!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Clowning Around

Grandad took Martha to the circus, she had never been before, she loved it! 

She went to buy a spinning plate and came back looking like this!

Caernarfon Castle

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

On the left we have..........something to do with Prince Charles!!

Watch where you are pointing that thing!!


Most of us visited "Electric Mountain" which is a fascinating tour of a pumped storage power station built inside a mountain on the site of an old slate quarry.

Grandad doesn't do underground (or heights, or bridges, or lifts etc etc)
so he went fishing (he even wears his life jacket for that!) 

We then finished off the slate museum which we started on Tuesday morning while Ross supervised Grandad.

He only caught one thing all day and that was a Bicycle!!! 

I love to see the Preston Temple

A beautiful day to be in the grounds of the Temple.

That Place with the Really Long Name

This is us on Tuesday at the station in that place on Anglesey with the really long name.

There isn't much there except a mill type shop outlet thing!

Anglesey however is beautiful and we had a lovely drive around and found some nice places to get out and explore and take photos.

Conquering Snowdon

Here we are making our way up Wales' tallest mountain on Monday we didn't all walk!!!

Some of us (Me,Martha and Grandad) used the train.

The views from the summit were amazing and well worth the trek up and down.
(Yes we did ALL walk down)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another New Friend

Today we met another new friend.

Evelyn Adele Edge


She is very cute don't you think

Her two big sisters Lilly and Bella are very proud of her

Family Time on Tour

We managed to sneak a little bit of family time on one of our "night's off" while we were away and we took the boys out for a meal, this was dessert!!!

We spent all of the other evenings taking the youngest group to the sweet shop before safely getting them into their own rooms before midnight.  Every other night we were on the late shift where we had to check the older ones back in and patrol the corridors ensuring we complied with the hotel's policy on noise.  If only all the other schools had done the same!

Never mind, at least we did what was right and set the example.
I think they call it "sector leading practice" in an inspection!!!

The ferry crossing home was beautiful, it was early morning, the sun was warm and the sea was calm.  Ross was sick at the very thought of the boat!  But he was okay once we actually got on it and as you can see in the next picture he did get up and move around in the end.

Orchestra on Tour

We have just come back from a tour of Spain with the Greenhill School Orchestra and Windband.

Ross was one of the youngest members. 
He played in the wind band and also had a role in the main orchestra
as chief page turner for one of the pianists.   

Here is Gareth with his major role in Ace is High.

And here he is with Joel who gave him on the job training, tuition and inspiration on the Timpani drums.

The percussion section really do enjoy themselves!

This is the Orchestra of the future!  
Lets hope we have an influx of musicians in the next couple of years!