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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Please Take Some Time

Please take a moment or two to read the post on The Hansen's blog today called The Brave Little Soul. Even if you haven't followed their story you will be touched by this. This family have touched me recently in the way they have coped with their reality. Thank you Atticus for being a brave little soul and teaching me some important lessons.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hidden Treasures

I needed to clear the card in my camera so that Gareth could have it for his holiday.
It still had all the holiday pictures on it so it was a long import. 
(625 pictures!!!)

Amongst all the shots of the fantastic scenery were some great shots of us just having fun and being us.

So here are just a few for you to enjoy.

We were just playing around with the camera and this is what we got.

Ross and Calvin returning from their adventure to the edge of the canyon.

I'm not sure what these two are up to but they were giggling alot!

This is Gareth squirrel spotting with his little sister.

So many things just lately have made me realize just how important these times are.  
Making the most of the little things and the happy moments can get you through the difficult bits of everyday life.

Also lately lots of my thinking time has been taken up with thoughts of other families that I am aware of that are going through the toughest of trials.  
Some of those families have faith in their Saviour and the knowledge that his atonement is for our sorrows and pains as well as our sins. Their strength and faith has strengthened me. 
I am really grateful for the lessons I have learnt through reading and listening to their journey's.