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Friday, 28 October 2011

Autumn at the Temple

The autumn colours at the Temple were beautiful this week.  Martha and I had a bit of a photo shoot in the grounds.  We got some lovely shots which I will scrapbook as soon as the prints get here.

Then we moved on to the Feeley's house for a visit on the way home.  It was great to spend time with our friends Oliver and Natalie and their beautiful children Bella and Jude.

Remember this little fellow?

Well here he is nearly 6 months old.

Flood Waters

As promised here are the photos from Monday's rain fall.

We have never seen it like this before in our garden.

The shed seems to be drying out ok but we won't know until we start the mower I guess.

There is not normally a river in this field just down the road from us!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Thoughts

We have got the forecast rain and there has been lots and lots.  First day of the holidays and I think we may be stuck in doors.  Calvin and Gareth have gone out as it seems to have stopped for a bit so expect some photos later.  I think the road may be impassable by car.

Anyway........We need happy thoughts today!

Here are some snaps of the kids on Anglesey in the summer.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lightening in Paradise!

This is really just an experiment to see if we could upload a video to the blog.

However this lightening storm in Sicily was something else, so I hope you get a flavour of it from this short section of what lasted all night.


We were in a pet shop today buying hamster food and bedding and couldn't resist a look at the animals
I saw a cute fluffy grey rabbit  and called Martha over to see it.
She looked at it and said "It's little grey rabbit"

Isn't it funny how things can just remind you of someone.  When my granny was first taken ill and moved into my parents I sent her a picture taken from one of the Little Grey Rabbit series of books by Alison Uttley.  She used to read those stories to me when I was a child and they always remind me of her. I have been thinking about her lately anyway and Martha's comment just made me smile and think of Granny again. 
Then when I was putting something away in my room I bent down to arrange my bedside cabinet and there at the back were the two Little Grey Rabbit books that I had sent to Granny while she was living at my parents house.  There are many funny stories about these books, but I know that Granny loved them and I miss her today. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Martha in London, day 2 part 1

Here I am at the back door of Buckingham Palace.  The Queen was not there, how rude! 

Peek a boo, I am on the steps looking out on the garden.

Here's the Palace through the trees.

Busy Week

 Martha and I have had a really busy week at school.  It has been Health week and we have had lots of activities to take part in.

There was a competition for a vegetable Character

Here is our vegetable creation.  Six of the vegetables come from our garden.

The headmaster judged the 7 entries and look what happened!

We held a sponsored "Big Bounce" event in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  One of Martha's classmates has this condition so the children are aware of it and learned a bit about it.  They had a reward if they raised over £30 as an incentive. They raised over £1000 for the research charity.  It worked!!

On Wednesday the friends of the school held an early Halloween disco.  Granny's face paint set came in handy again!   


Here are a few shots from my recent trip to Sicily.  It proved to be a really interesting visit which gave me lots of time to think and lots to think about.   I was very glad to be home and I think they all missed me here as I had lots of hugs when I got back.

My colleagues outside the school in Trabia.

The fantastic puppet museum in Palermo.

The view from my bedroom window!

Out in the streets of Trabia.